next gen

Payonyx has developed a state of the art, multi-lingual and multicurrency payment platform that delivers multi-functional, user-friendly solutions.

The NextGen- eWallet Platform

This platform delivers sophisticated interface designs supported by highly intelligent back end administration tools. The NextGen payments platform produces a powerhouse of functionality that is “Powered by Payonyx”.

Our client’s needs are unique. Varying business strategies, objectives, technical resources and capability require Payonyx to be flexible. Our hosting capability and features enable our clients to build a program that suits their needs and supports their objectives.

NextGen Features

System User Accounts Financial Accounts
Fully customizable and scalable system functionality that enables your branding and configurations to meet your administration and CMS requirements available in multiple languages with smartphone support. Multi-level, customisable access control based on individual, company or group association. Unlimited users/groups with integrated permissions. Multi-currency support with near real time foreign exchange updates. Manage and control multiple account types including user and merchant categories within a singular environment. Utilise the integrated invoicing system, configurable fees and transactional reporting.
Processing Gateways Card Support Communications Support
Manage and configure Payment Gateway Collections and Payouts as well as transaction batching systems. Access Card program management support across prepaid and debit solutions. Communication support via mobile app alerts, email and SMS
Risk Assessment Fraud Prevention
Industry best practice Risk assessment tools including Anti-money laundering and BIN lookup. Access a supplementary 24/7 fraud prevention platform that screens and establishes flash fraud rules in real time.

Hosting Options

NextGen is a white label eWallet merchant account management program that allows clients the option to choose between two hosting models each with completely customisable functions and features.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) Licensed Software
NextGen Platform as a Service (PaaS) allows Payonyx to do all the heavy lifting for you. We host the program directly from our platform which reduces strain on our clients inhouse resources and enables us to deliver programs faster as the foundation and infrastructure is set, ready to go. Our licensed software allows our clients to host in-house within their own data centre supported by their established information technology infrastructure services. This adds significant agility in managing programs delivered through this model as you maintain control. We provide ongoing service support, regular platform upgrades, regulatory updates as well as innovative, functional upgrades as the market evolves.

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Card Products

  • Multi Currency Cards
  • Prepaid Gold Cards
  • Corporate Cards
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Program Management

Our program management services are available for any industry but especially advantageous for


Payonyx consulting service can provide assistance on:

  • Strategy
  • Program design, pricing and business model
  • Marketing
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