We ensure that our services and systems are protected by industry standard, best practice security compliance. We operate under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI) and this ensures our systems and your accounts are secure.

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Risk and Fraud Management


WatchDog Fraud Prevention Platform

Mitigating risks for you and your cardholders is a top priority. With WatchDog, you can supplement your card service by monitoring transactions 24x7 and relying on Payonyx to assist by:

  • Screening transactions with an intelligent fraud monitoring system
  • Establishing flash fraud rules for real time decisioning, declines and automatic blocking

Fraudsters work consistently and relentlessly. In this ever-changing digital environment WatchDog is a formidable opponent in cyber and financial crimes and is continually and dynamically evolving to protect against fraudulent activity.

Card Products

  • Multi Currency Cards
  • Prepaid Gold Cards
  • Corporate Cards
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Program Management

Our program management services are available for any industry but especially advantageous for


Payonyx consulting service can provide assistance on:

  • Strategy
  • Program design, pricing and business model
  • Marketing
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